DIY Cactus Pillow + Sup Door Mat

In the spirit of getting ready for school to start, I’ve been unleashing my inner Pinterest fairy. Here is a field guide to making a 7 step pillow and 2 step rug–speed crafting.

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What I’m Listening To: July ’16

While I was prancing through the Idaho countryside as one does when properly caffeinated, I was listening to the best of the best bands. Some old albums, some brand spankin’ new, July was a fantastic month for music. With so much to look forward to in August between the Panic! At the Disco concert and my very first Warped Tour, I stepped into my role of emo soccer mom and found some great emo-ish bands to carry me frivolously through July.

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Idaho 2016 Photopost

As my time in Idaho has come to a close, I can’t help but be happy to be back home. It’s always nice to escape the heat and remind myself that green plants do exist but I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things.

I wanted to make this post about the last 2.5 weeks in review in the format of a photopost. Hopefully this shows you some of the beauty outside of the desert!

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The Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls

Scrolling back through the entirety of these nineteen years that I’ve been on planet Earth, I’ve come to the conclusion that the hype for Cinnabon is well deserved. I have the best baker in the world as my mother and even she uses a Cinnabon knock off recipe to make her highly revered cinnamon rolls. Whenever we go up to Idaho these are constantly in demand. Seeing that my mom only makes these badboys for this visit and Christmas morning, it’s absolutely essential to call dibs on the roll you want before it’s baked. [Go for the gooey middle options.]

Now that my mom has shared her favorite cinnamon rolls with the family, I wanted to share the recipe with all of you. Introducing the best way to ruin your summer body…

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Boise Twilight Criterium

Another bike race…another chance to eat my way around the city. Yesssss!

Last Saturday Mom, Grace, and I headed out for downtown Boise to check out the Twilight Criterium for the second year, of course planning on a few coffee stops and the occasional Pokémon battle. This is such a fun bike race because of the jovial people, plethora of dogs, and city with tons of things to look at. Dad was definitely sore to have missed this one.

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Flying M

Oh potato land, I’ve missed you.

Mom, Gracie, and I were able to escape the heat this year and retreat back to our Idahoan safe place, Granny’s house. It’s been so nice to see some color in the scenery and be reminded that there are places where flowers continue to grow in the summer. We’ve been having a great time catching up with extended family by having big picnics, playing too many card games, and of course rehashing embarrassing stories of the past. Aside from lots of company, its nice to go outside in the heat of the day and look out into the endless pastures and corn fields while remaining SWEAT-FREE. (Such a feat for me if you know me…)

Yesterday Granny, G, and I took a familiar 10 minute drive from the rural farm county of Kuna into the somewhat more city-like county of Nampa. On a mission to raid the antique stores and thrift shops, we knew the only way to start was with a good cup of cold brew from the best local coffee shop, Flying M.

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Haley Penny: T shirt Junkie

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that the two clothing articles that have always appealed to me are T shirts and jackets. In the last few months I’ve seen so many cute tees from all over the world wide web, namely Pinterest, that I’ve decided to compile into this short post.

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